1. The evocative ruins of Oficina
Humberstone. 92
2. The ‘‘tomb of the roto chileno.’’ 114
3. A bird’s-eye view of the Escuela Santa María
and the Plaza Montt on the day of the
massacre. 121
4. Monument beside the Escuela de Santa María
to honor the victims of the 1907
massacre. 143
5. View of Iquique looking southwest from the
Pan-American Highway. 146
6. View of the prison and clock tower overlooking
the town of Pisagua and the beach. 160
7. A map of Pisagua drawn on a rock by the
military. 160
8–9. Murals depicting an executed person,
Sanhueza, preserved in salt and pulled from the
mass grave found at Pisagua in 1990. 162
10. The annual pilgrimage of human-rights activists
to Pisagua. 175
11. Site of the mass grave excavated in 1990. 175
12. The ‘‘Para Que Nunca Más’’ (Never Again)
mausoleum in Cemetery III in Iquique. 192
13. The niche tomb of Patricio Rojas Ramírez in
Iquique’s Cemetery I. 192
1. Regional map of Tarapacá (Region I). 23
2. Nitrate-era northern production sites. 87
3. Nitrate-era southern production sites. 88
4. Iquique, Chile, circa 1920. 144
5. Military properties within Iquique
in 1973. 145
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