There is something decidedly cathartic in the fact that within the space
of a week or so last December I finished reviewing the copyedited
manuscript of this book, delivered a baby, and learned of General
Pinochet’s death—all just days shy of the 99th anniversary of the
Escuela Santa María Massacre. This was the finale of a seventeen-year
project that has accrued many debts, both joyful and bittersweet.
First and foremost, I thank the people—scholars, activists, and
others—with whom I have worked in Chile. In Santiago: thanks to
Ercilla Mellín, raices, Marco Ruíz, Gabriel Cea, and Fanor Larraín
of the Fulbright Commission. My 1990 coursework with Manuel
Antonio Garretón provided an initial orientation to Chilean social
movements. Members of the Sebastián Acevedo Movement Against
Torture provided a hands-on education by incorporating me into the
movement in 1990–91. Numerous scholars generously o√ered in-
sights: Elisa Fernandez, Luis Castro, Julio Pinto, Enrique Reyes Na-
varro, Sonia Montecino, Germán Palacios, Angélica Gimpel Smith,
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