Acevedo, Sebastián, 344n.73
Acevedo Hernández, Antonio,
Acuña, Carlos, 176, 327n.48
Advis, Luis, 117, 136–38, 141
Advis, Patricio, 304n.14
a√ect, 48
a√ective memory: class structure
and, 29–30, 267n.13; Escuela
Santa María Massacre and, 118–
19; political action and, 53–57;
of violence, 3, 14
Afghanistan, Chilean combatants
in, 271n.45
Agency for International Develop-
ment, 332n.78
Agony of Nitrate in the Pampa de
Tarapacá, The, 133
agrarian reform in Chile, 254,
agricultural laborers in Southern
Chile, 125, 305n.20
Aguirre Cerda, 322n.16
Alessandri Palma, Arturo For-
tunato: national commemora-
tions ordered by, 107, 110; pop-
ulist political expansion and, 38–
39; strike of 1907 and, 130;
strike of 1925 and, 99, 102–4,
286n.22, 291nn.61 and 63,
293nn.78–79, 293n.83
allegory: anti-authoritarianism
and, 68–73; sympathetic mem-
ory and, 69, 143–46, 279n.24
Allende, Salvador: Chilean Right
and, 39–40, 271n.42; final days
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