chm Centro de Historia Militar, Ejército de Nicaragua, Managua
ies Instituto de Estudio del Sandinismo, Managua
ihn Instituto de Historia de Nicaragua, Managua
Newspapers and Magazines
Barricada, Managua
Bohemia, Havana
Nicaráuac, Managua
Novedades, Managua
El Nuevo Diario, Managua
Patria Libre, Managua
La Prensa, Managua
Segovia, Managua
Segovia, Matagalpa
Verde Olivo, Havana
Tricontinental, Havana
Writings of Carlos Fonseca
Hereafter is a list of all known extant writings of Carlos Fonseca, published and un-
published, arranged chronologically in the order they were written. All were consulted for
this book.
‘‘Editorial.’’ Segovia (Matagalpa) 1 (Aug. 1954).
‘‘Futuro.’’ Segovia 1 (Aug. 1954).
‘‘Editorialoide.’’ Segovia 2 (Sept. 1954).
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