Like many academic collections, SearchingforHomeAbroad has wandered down
(or perhaps up) a long road on its way to completion. The authors worked
very hard on their chapters, and we all benefited greatly from careful readings
by Dr. Lane Hirabayashi and an anonymous reader for Duke University Press.
Dr. Hirabayashi was a splendid colleague throughout the preparation of this
manuscript, reading some of the material more than once and always insist-
ing that we bring the work to a higher level. His attention to detail and his
superb critiques were crucial to the intellectual labor of this volume and I, in
sponsible for her/his own translation and transliteration, I would like to thank
Joshua Hotaka Roth, who, like me, was in São Paulo conducting research dur-
ing much of the final preparation of this manuscript. He was a constant help
in translating material from Japanese to English and working with me in the
final editing of some of the chapters. In the early stages of the project, Jayme
(Akers)Feaginofthedepartmentof historyatEmoryUniversitywasveryhelp-
ful in the preparation of the manuscript. Special thanks go to Ryan Lynch, also
of the department of historyat Emory University, for her invaluable help in the
final stages in the preparation of the manuscript.
Finally, I would like to thank Valerie Millholland for her support of this
questions, and Patricia Mickelberry for a magnificent job of copy-editing this
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