This book began with a series of interrelated panel discussions on security
and space in Guatemala City, including a double-panel at the 2006 Ameri-
can Anthropological Association Annual Meeting in San Jose, California. We
are grateful to the participants in these sessions, especially Carol A. Smith
and Timothy J. Smith, who both provided thoughtful and incisive comments
in their roles as discussants in 2006. We are also grateful to our contribu-
tors for being responsive to our queries and for their patience during the re-
view process. Many thanks to Indiana University, Bloomington, for support-
ing the translation of Manuela Camus’s essay from Spanish into Eng lish by
Michael Mosier. Thank you to James L. Watson for the direction he provided
in the volume’s initial stages and for his suggestions regarding the volume
title. The anonymous reviewers at Duke University Press provided invaluable
insights that greatly improved the quality of the final manuscript. In addi-
tion, we would like to thank Valerie Millholland, Miriam Angress, Amanda
Sharp, and Mark Mastromarino for their support throughout the publication
process. Shruti Krishnan of Indiana University also provided important assis-
tance during the production process.
Portions of the essay “Guatemala’s New Violence as Structural Violence,”
by Peter Benson, Kedron Thomas, and Edward F. Fischer were previously
published as “Resocializing Suffering: Neoliberalism, Accusation, and the
Sociopolitical Context of Guatemala’s New Violence,” Latin American Perspec-
tives 35(5):38–58. An earlier version of the essay “Spaces of Structural Adjust-
ment in Guatemala’s Apparel Industry,” by Kedron Thomas was published as
“Structural Adjustment, Spatial Imaginaries, and ‘Piracy’ in Guatemala’s Ap-
parel Industry,” Anthropology of Work Review 30(1):1–10. Kevin Lewis O’Neill’s
essay, “Hands of Love” was published by the University of California Press in
City of God: Christian Citizenship in Postwar Guatemala (2010). The remaining essays
have not appeared previously.
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