From my time as a graduate student in the Department of Art and
History at Stanford University I would like to thank my dissertation
visor, Alexander M. Nemerov. The dissertation, and the book that it
now evolved into, owe much to his pedagogy, his high standards, a
his belief in my abilities. Similarly, I owe my second chair and de fa
advisor, Wanda M. Corn, unending gratitude for the challenges she
before me and for all that she has taught me. I am also indebted to
other members of my committee, Pamela M. Lee of Stanford and Jud
Wilson of the University of California, Irvine, for their attentive critici
and continued support.
At Harvard I have benefited from the generous attention of my m
distinguished colleagues, foremost among them Suzanne Blier, Wer
Sollors, Karen C. C. Dalton, Kimberley McClain DaCosta, Jeffrey Ha
burger, Robin Kelsey, David Roxburgh, Evelyn Brooks Higginbotha
and Tommie Shelby. Special thanks go to my department chairs,
Kalavrezou and Yve-Alain Bois in History of Art and Architecture a
Henry Louis Gates Jr. in African and African American Studies for he
ing me to secure fellowship support for my research. I am particula
grateful for the attention of the late Richard Newman, director of
search at the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute. Richard was both a graci
reader and a nonstop cheerleader who helped me to thrive in my
year of professional teaching and writing. I also wish to thank my
search assistants Rebecca Keegan and Monique Bell.
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