Note on the text
Th e language in some of the earlier essays has been occasionally
modernised, and most essays have been very lightly copy-edited. For
reasons of space, four essays have been also been slightly abridged
this is indicated with an asterisk in the list below and on the title page.
A few explanatory footnotes have been added to give context, but
there is also information on historical fi gures on p354, which is linked
to the index. For the purposes of ease of reading, no distinction has
been made between references from the original texts and additional
notes for this book. Similarly, we have not added in ellipses to show
where abridgements have been made. Our aim has been to produce a
book that is easy to read rather than a heavily annotated scholarly
Places of rst publication
‘Th e new Conservatism and the old’, Universities & Left Review, Vol 1,
No 1, spring 1957, pp21-4
‘A sense of classlessness’, Universities & Left Review, No 5, winter 1958,
‘Th e supply of demand’, in E.P. Th ompson (ed), Out of Apathy: New
Left Books/Stevens and Sons, London 1960, 56-97*
‘Th e Cuban crisis: Trial-run or steps towards peace?’, War & Peace:
Th e CND Quarterly, Vol 1 No 1 January-March 1963, 2-16*
‘Political commitment’, in Lawrence Bright and Simon Clements
(eds), Th e Committed Church, Darton, Longman and Todd, London
1966, 3-25
‘A world at one with itself’, New Society, No 403, 1970, 1056-8
‘Racism and reaction: A public talk arranged by the British Sociological
Association and given in London on 2 May 1978’, in Five Views of
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