Addenda to Harriet Gou/dJs Book
The following poems represent addenda to the manuscript, Harriet Gould's
Book. Written on separate sheets, they had been kept together in an envelope
placed within the covers of the manuscript.
Lines on the Death of Warren S. Gould who died April 6th r843
oh can it be a year has fled
Its scenes of grief and joy
Since we were bending o'er the bed
Of thow my sainted boy?
Since almost with a broken heart
I watched each faint drawn breath
And felt I could not with thee part
To meet the embrace of death
My first born son - Oh what a tie,
Was that to rend apart
My lovely one that he must die
Thrust daggers to my heart
Ten thousand schemes of love and joy,
Which fathers always plan
And dream about a smiling boy,
When he shalt be a man.
Ten thousaand hopes that [fairly?/ earlY1 work
And down the future smiled
All these would die beneath the stroke
That should destroy my child
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