vincanne adams is a professor of Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology,
History, and Social Medicine at the University of California at San Francisco. She has
published several books on modernity and change in Inner Asia, including Tigers of
the Snow and Other Virtual Sherpas and Doctors for Democracy, and has been conduct-
ing fieldwork since 1993 on women’s experience of modernity in Tibet.
leslie butt is an assistant professor of Pacific and Asian Studies at the University of
Victoria. She conducted fieldwork in West Papua (Irian Jaya) in 1994–1995, 2000,
2001, and 2003. Her research among the Dani focuses on the intersections between
politics, reproduction, sexuality, and aids. Most recently, she has studied the impact
of sex work on parenting among young Dani women.
lawrence cohen is an associate professor of Anthropology and South and Southeast
Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley and is the author of No
Aging in India: Alzheimer’s, the Bad Family, and Other Modern Things. He is currently
completing a book titled ‘‘India Tonight: Homosex and the Political Secret.’’
heather s. dell teaches feminist theories and international women’s issues in the
Women’s Studies Program at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Her research
focuses on the sex worker rights movement in Kolkata.
vinh-kim nguyen is an hiv clinician and medical anthropologist in Montréal and has
worked since 1994 with community-based groups in West Africa on the issue of
expanding access to treatment for hiv. He teaches at McGill University and his
clinical practice is at the Clinique l’Actuel.
shanti a. parikh is an assistant professor of Anthropology and African and Afro-
American Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research focuses on
the politics of sexual and reproductive health within the context of hiv/aids and
stds; the globalization of romance and erotica; and the growth in global inequalities.
She has written articles on the age of consent law in Uganda; sugar daddies and
sexual citizenship; love letters; and e√ects of hiv prevention messages on youth. She
is currently completing her manuscript ‘‘Regulating Romance: Sexuality, Globaliza-
tion, and hiv/aids in Uganda.’’
heather paxson received a Ph.D. in anthropology from Stanford University in 1998.
The author of Making Modern Mothers: Ethics and Family Planning in Urban Greece,
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