Selected Glossary
abangan -
Lit., red. Term for those
Javanese who follow Javano-
Islamic practices.
Abiyasa (Skt, Vyasa) - Grandfather of
the Pandhawa and Korawa in
Javanese tellings of Mahabharata
ada-ada -
Type of
used in
shadow play performances to
build excitement.
adat -
Customary law.
adiluhung -
Term used today to refer
to what is believed to be high or
"traditional" Javanese culture.
Alap-alapan Sukesi - Shadow play
story of Rahwana's birth.
alus -
Ardjoeno - Dutch spelling of shadow
play character Arjuna.
Arjuna (Skt and modern Indone-
sian) - Middle brother of the five
Pandhawa brothers, major
shadow play character; refined
hero of Mahabharata cycle. Also
known as Janaka.
Arjunawijaya - Poems in Old Java-
nese and modern Javanese of the
Arjunasasrabahu story.
Akademi Seni Karawitan
Indonesia-older name for the
Academy of Javanese Performing
Arts in Solo. See
babad -
Lit., to clear the forest. Java-
nese term for chronicle or histor-
ical text.
baku -
Main part; stable shadow play
bangsa -
Family, group, or nation.
Batara Guru - Another name for the
god Siwa.
Bima (Skt, Bhima) - Second eldest of
the five Pandhawa brothers; ma-
jor shadow play character. Also
known as Werkadara.
blencong -
Oil lamp or electric light-
bulb used to illuminate the
shadows on the white cotton
screen in a shadow play perfor-
bobot -
Weighty; important.
Bratayuda (Skt, Bharatayuddha) -
The Great War between the Pan-
dhawa and Korawa over the
rights to the kingdom of Nga-
bupati -
Regent. Highest Javanese of-
ficial in Java except for the Sunan,
the Sultan, the Mangkunagaran,
and the Paku Alaman.
Cakil - Small ogre character, who
fights with a refined hero in most
shadow puppet plays or human
plays using
cultuurstelsel -
The system of forced
cultivation imposed on Javanese
farmers from 1830 until about
1870 to make the colonies profit-
able for the Dutch.
carangan -
Branch; shadow play story
often considered to lead away
from the main story line of Java-
nese tellings of Mahabharata and
Ramayana stories.
de/eg -
Trunk; stable shadow play
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