Abangan, 112; peasants, and Commu-
nism, 230
Abiyasa (King). See Vyasa
Academy, Solo. See Solo Academy
Adat, 212
Aesthetics of shadow theatre: changes
in, 202
Agama Jawa, 9n, 286
Agung, Sultan (r. 1613-46),36
Ahmad, Imam, xv
Alap-alapan Sukesi ("The Marriage of
Sukesi"), 55, 69-70, 251-52
Aliran model of Indonesian society, 217
Allegories of resistance, xvi
Allegory: central to shadow theatre, 7-
12; political, in 1960s shadow plays,
10-11; political, in modern story of
Rahwana, 276-77
"Als Ik eens Nederlander Was"
I Were a Dutchman), 133
(r. 1646-77), 36
Ancestors: offering performance, 236-
Anom Suroto. See Suroto
Arjuna: and Bhagavad Gita, 167; enact-
ing other characters' incidents, 184; in
Kama Tinandhing, 248-49; model for
Soekarno, 220-21; role in Bratayuda
War, 40-41; in Tjipto's thought, 155-
56; Tjipto's and Soetatmo's views
compared, 161
Arjunasasrabahu stories, 61, 66, 69
Arjunawijaya Kakawin, 57-58
Arjunawijaya texts, sources of, 55n
Army: inheritors of Dutch myth, 232,
Arringgit: term for wayang, 5n
"Asta Brata," 78
Audience: effaced by padat, 246; position
at shadow plays, 24on, 241
Authenticity: anecdote regarding Pus-
taka Raja, 183-84; and court tradition
1923-65,211; of Indian texts, 286;
given to Indian videotapes on televi-
sion, 273; granted to Serat Sastrami-
ruda, 108; of shadow theatre in 1930s,
169; through organization of shadow
tales, 181-82
Authorities: foreign power tapped by
Javanese in wayang, 239; government
as unseen audience, 244
Babad Ngayogyakarta,
Babad Tanah Jawi: links wayang to Is-
lam, 53-55
Babad Wana Khendawa: seen as branch
story, 198
Babad Wanamarta: seen as trunk story,
Banjaran: no longer an innovation, 268-
Becker, A. L., xv-xvii
Benjamin, Walter, 18, 300
Besant, Annie, 126-27
Bhagavad Gita: in Noto Soeroto's po-
etry, 167; as represented in Javanese
philosophy, 215; and Theosophical
thought, 127, 13m, 142; in Tjipto's
thought, 155-56
Bharata Yudha: Kosasih's retelling, 278
Bhisma: contemporary retellings of his
death, 286-88
Bima: model for Soekarno, 220
of Kala, The. See Murwakala
Bisma. See Bhisma
Blavatsky, Helena, 126
Bodily hexis, 283-86
Boedi Oetomo (Glorious Endeavor),
120, 144-45, 164; turned to Indies na-
tionalism, 212
Book of Tales (Serat Kandha), 58-59
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