This book has been a labor of love that has accrued various and immense
debts. It is my pleasure to record them here.
At American University, I would like to thank, first, my students. The idea
for Shakesqueer was born as an idea for a class in which I could more fully inte-
grate Shakespeare and queer theory. My colleagues Keith Leonard, Mandy
Berry, Richard Sha, Despina Kakoudaki, Linda Voris, and Richard McCann
have helped this project along pleasurably and immeasurably. And the Dean’s
o≈ce of the College of Arts and Sciences—especially Kay Mussell, Peter Starr,
and Thomas Husted—gave me several grants that allowed me to complete
the work on this volume.
Also at American University, I have had the help of the incomparable
Melissa Yinger, who has been my research assistant and general factotum for
this volume. Thanks also to Jessie Rutland, Tara Schupner, and Cathy John-
son for providing formatting services in many tense situations!
I would like to register my deep thanks to Ken Wissoker at Duke Univer-
sity Press for his intelligent skepticism and earnest enthusiasm. Without his
suggestions, this book would not be as strong. The two anonymous readers,
who read both the prospectus and the finished product, were astonishing in
the acuity and generosity of their suggestions. They will see several of those
suggestions manifested in the pages that follow. My thanks to them for their
Also at Duke, I had the good fortune of landing Mandy Earley as my editor
during the early part of assembling this book, and Mark Mastromarino during
the later stages. They have both been patient, good-humored, and encyclo-
pedic in their knowledge, which is more than anyone can ask for from one’s
editors. Scott Smiley has made the index as exciting as the volume, and for
that amazing feat, I thank him.
Ellis Hanson and the English Department at Cornell University held a
conference based on the volume that brought many of the contributors face-
to-face with one another for the first time. It was a queer couple of days in
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