hen I began this project I naively believed I
wouldn’t depend on so many people as I had in
writing my first book. I was wrong. I have no regrets,
however, as friendships and intellectual debts grew in
Arnie Bauer and Andrés Reséndez read this book
chapter by chapter, giving me their advice and sup-
port at delightful coffee meetings in Davis. Peter Guar-
dino, Adrian Pearce, and Rich Warren did not flinch
when I sent them the completed manuscript. Their
comments dramatically improved the book. I also in-
flicted chapters on Mark Carey, Margaret Chowning,
Rebecca Earle, David Garrett, Lyman Johnson, Kathy
Olmsted, and Karen Spalding, who provided important
feedback. Carlos Aguirre and Mirtha Avalos continue
to be important supporters and dear friends, helping
me in numerous ways. Extended conversations with
Iván Hinojosa brightened Lima winters and taught me
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