One Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Absolutism
It was estimated to have been between 8.0 and 8.6 on
the Richter scale. For technical descriptions of the
earthquake, see Giesecke and Silgado, Terremotos; Sil-
gado, Historia; Dorbath, “Assessment,” esp. 574–75,
Beringhausen, “Tsunamis.”
On tsunamis, see González, “Tsunamis!”; Dudley and
Lee, Tsunami!; and a valuable Web page: http://www For data, see
Lockridge, “Tsunamis in Peru-Chile.”
In his “Carta o diario,” Llano Zapata refers to destruc-
tion in the coastal valleys of Chancay, Huarua, Barranca,
Supe, and Pativilca as well as Cerro de la Sal and the
Lucanas volcano. Llano Zapata, “Carta,” Odriozola, Los
terremotos, 95. In his “observaciones,” he cites a letter
from a Jesuit missionary who described tremors that
occurred in Quito (today Ecuador), over eight hundred
miles from Lima, on October 28. Llano Zapata, “Obser-
vación diario,” 136; see also 141. For Huancavelica, see
Archivo General de Indias (hereafter AGI), Lima, Leg.
643; for Huarochirí, Melo, “Diario,” 59–60. For a sum-
mary, see Silgado, Historia, 31; for a map, see Lockridge,
“Tsunamis,” 19.
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