Shadow Plays
1. For titles of Borges's books cited in the text, see the preceding list of
abbreviations. We have used existing English translations
most cases,
making minor alterations when we considered that the English version did
not adequately illustrate the point made in the original. All other transla-
tions are our own, unless otherwise specified.
Ernesto Sabato, "Borges," Uno y el universo (Buenos Aires: Sudameri-
1968): 21-26.
3. Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Wakefield," Twice Told Tales (Boston: James
R. Osgood and Company,
1878): 158.
Further references appear directly in
the text.
4. Adolfo Bioy Casares, La invencion de Morel, pr610go de Jorge Luis
Borges (Buenos Aires: Losada,
Borges restates his argument some
years later when he writes that in the short story "each detail exists as a
function of the general plot; such rigorous correspodence may be necessary
and admirable in a brief text, but would be tedious in a novel, a genre that
in order to avoid appearing too artificial or mechanical requires the discreet
inclusion of independent traits" ("La ultima invenci6n de Hugh Walpole,"
La Nadon, February 10,
5. Richard Burgin, Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges (New York: Avon,
31. Further references appear directly in the text.
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