My thanks to many people who have helped with this monster. In
its earliest stages I benefited from the wisdom and advice of Nancy
Armstrong and Leonard Tennenhouse, Jane Gallop, Paula Rabinowitz,
Marty Roth, John Mowitt, and Susan McClary.
its size and propor-
tions changed and grew, I was assisted intellectually and in other ways by
of my colleagues at the University of California at San Diego, espe-
cially Michael Davidson, Page DuBois, Lisa Lowe, Rosemary George,
Kathryn Shevelow, and Winnie Woodhull. My editor, Ken Wissoker,
and readers George Haggerty and particularly Ann Cvetkovich helped
me to shape this into a much better book. Numerous students have
contributed to this project but I want to especially thank my Graduate
Seminar on Gender and the Horror Film for working through ideas
with me. The University of Minnesota at Minneapolis supported this
work with a travel grant and a dissertation fellowship. The University of
California at San Diego generously assisted this project with Academic
Senate travel grants and faculty fellowships. My co-conspirator in
monster-making, Ira Livingston, shared bullets, buffaloes, junkyards
and fast times in Missoula, Montana, with me. Thanks to friends for
support and suggestions: Laura Harris, Jenni Olson, Elspeth Probyn,
Sandy Stone, Heather Findlay, David Lloyd, Chandan Reddy, Katrin
Seig, Michael Yamamoto. Special thanks to D. B. for dancing and other
inappropriate delights. And finally, I want to express my gratitude to
Barbara Cruikshank who graciously and lovingly put up with my own
particular monstrosities through most of the writing of this book.
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