1. Recruitment ad for the WRAF (1953) 2
2. Life magazine (August 1941) circulates the image of British military
women for American audiences. 7
3. In Marine Raiders (1944) military women are pictured disrupting the
frame and the expectations of male Marines. 8
4. A recruitment ad for the British Army 11
5. Both patriotic endeavor and gender inclusion are central to this
recruitment poster (1943). 14
6. Beverley Pick’s ATS poster emphasizes women in a vital and modern
military role. 24
7. In The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) Johnny (Deborah Kerr)
incarnates the modern mobile woman. 28
8. For military women, being a Marine means an auxiliary role. 30
9. Recruitment posters frequently emphasized military service as
providing women with opportunities. 30
10. Abram Games’s “Blonde Bombshell” recruitment poster (1941) 37
11. The implication of an equivalence between male and female service is
coupled with the need to legitimate the military woman. 39
12. Members of the ATS serve as spotters in the climactic scenes of
The Gentle Sex (1943). 44
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