aaia. See American Association of Indian
Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo. See Asociación Civil
Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo of Argentina
ada. See Asociación Defensores de Adopción
adc. See Aid to Dependent Children
adoptable children: production of, 201; pur-
ported shortage of, 6
Adopt-a-Child, 34–35
Adopted Territory (Kim), 10
adoption agencies and brokers, 114–15; race-
matching policies of, 119
Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Report-
ing System (afcars), 287 n. 1
Adoption and Safe Families Act (asfa), 116, 136
adoption eligibility: requirements for, 35
adoption fees, 33
Adoption Promotion and Stability Act of 1996,
Adoption Resource Exchange of North America
(arena), 80
adoptions by celebrities, 1–2
adoptions by gays and lesbians, 14; in Boston,
246–48; in Colorado, 252–53; in Guatemala,
241–42; legal support for, 243–44; Massa-
chusetts policy against, 246; mobilization of
support for, 247; transnational expansion of,
adoption services: for black children, 36; priva-
tization of, 162; of public agencies, 53
Adoptions in Guatemala: Protection or Business?
(Myra Mack Foundation and Fundación
Sobreviventes), 216
adoption versus foster care, 17
afdc. See Aid to Families with Dependent
Africa: adoptions by celebrities from, 1–2
African American adoption history, 8
age at first child, 295 n. 9, 317 n. 32
aida (American Indian Defense Association),
67, 69
Aid to Dependent Children (adc), 96, 124;
attacks on, 32; and cuts to black children, 41–
42; and denial to Native mothers, 70; exclu-
sion of black mothers from, 52–53; extension
to Native mothers of, 7; New Deal–era pas-
sage of, 70–71; restrictions of eligibility for,
38; states’ control of distributions of, 77–78
Aid to Families with Dependent Children
(afdc), 98, 115, 123; condescending views of
mothers on, 46; debate analysis of, 118; elimi-
nation of, 116–18; Reagan’s and Bush’s attacks
on, 104; reductions in, 95–96
aim (American Indian Movement), 85–86
Alstein, Howard, and Rita Simon: outcomes
studies by, 119–20
Amerasian Homecoming Act of 1987, 158
Amerasian Immigration Act of 1982, 157–58
American Association of Indian Affairs (aaia),
67; comments on state of Native children by
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