246 notes to coda
3 For an overview of Mui’s pop career, see Witzleben, “Cantopop and Mandopop in
Pre- Postcolonial Hong Kong.” Mui plays the songstress role again in Heri jun zai lai
(Au Revoir Mon Amour), a historical drama set in Japanese- occupied Shanghai that
takes its name from a hit song by Zhou Xuan.
4 Biancorosso, “Romance, Insularity and Repre sen ta tion,” 91.
5 The sequence, with its distorted speed and dropped frames, bears the marks of Wil-
liam Chang’s signature manipulations of footage.
6 For a discussion of the relationship between In the Mood for Love, All- Consuming
Love, and the found footage short, see Biancorosso, “Pop u lar Music and the Aesthet-
ics of the Self in Wong Kar- wai’s Cinema.”
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