is a legal scholar and feminist activist based in Mumbai.
She is the cofounder and co-coordinator of majlis, a legal and cul-
tural resource center for women and children. Her publications include
State, Gender, and the Rhetoric of Law Reform (1995) and Law and
Gender Inequality: The Politics of Women’s Rights in India (1999).
is an associate professor of feminist studies at the
University of California, Santa Cruz. Her research engages the poetics
and politics of sexuality, colonialism, and historiography in South Asia.
She is the author of For the Record: On Sexuality and the Colonial
Archive in India (2009) and has published in glq, Journal of Asian
Studies, Interventions, Victorian Studies, Feminist Studies, and the Jour-
nal of the History of Sexuality.
is a professor of English at brac University in Dhaka,
Bangladesh. She is also a member of Naripokkho, a women’s activist
group, and is actively engaged in women’s liberation issues. Her pub-
lications include The Colonial Rise of the Novel (1993), Infinite Variety:
Women in Society and Literature (1994), and Galpa: Short Stories by
Bengali Women (2005).
is the international organizer, based in India,
for Jobs with Justice. Her work focuses on the e√ect of corporate-led
globalization on labor practices, and current projects include an ini-
tiative to build solidarity between American and Indian workers. Her
publications include Policing the National Body: Sex, Race, and Crimi-
nalization (2002), coauthored with Jael Silliman and Angela Yvonne
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