Many people and institutions have supported me during the research and
writing of this book. Because I am unable to elaborate on my debt to each
individual, I simply list here the people who helped me at each stage. I
should note that despite all the valuable help I received, any mistakes or
limitations are entirely mine.
For the period while I was conducting my doctoral field research in
1998–2000, I would like to thank Byun Do-yoon, Chang Phil-wha, Chang
Yông-hûi, Cho(Han) Haejoang, Cho Oakla, Cho Soon-Kyung, Kim Chan-
ho, Kim Eun-Shil, Kim Hyun Mee, Kim Su-hyun, and Lee Sanghwa. I am
also indebted to a number of Seoul city officials, homeless women, under-
employed young adults, shelter managers, and Youth and Women Unem-
ployment Monitoring Team members, who will remain anonymous. My
special thanks goes to my coworkers in the Youth and Women Unemploy-
ment Monitoring Team for carving out a social policy for marginalized
welfare citizens and for encouraging me to conduct a long-term and in-
depth analysis of these subjects.
When writing my dissertation at the University of Illinois, Urbana-
Champaign, from 2000 to 2003, I received intellectually stimulating and
wholehearted support from my patient advisor and mentor, Nancy Abel-
mann, and other dissertation committee members Matti Bunzl, Brenda M.
Farnell, Michael Goldman, William F. Kelleher Jr., and Martin F. Mana-
lansan IV. Thanks as well to Marsha J. Brofka-Berends, Jung-Ah Choi,
Aya Ezawa, Zsuzsa Gille, David Hirsch, Motoni Fong Hodges, Theodore
Hughes, Jinheon Jung, Hyunhee Kim, Soochul Kim, Soo-Jung Lee, Chris
Lehman, Shenghwa Li, Alejandro Lugo, Curtis Marez, Noriko Muraki,
Donald Nonini, Ramona Oswald, Pallassana R. Balgopal, So Jin Park, Sarah
Philips, Jennifer Shaffer, Yoonjeong Shim, Akiko Takeyama, Michelle Wib-
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