A collection as wide- ranging as this one relies on the help and encourage-
ment of many friends and colleagues. It gives us great pleasure to acknowl-
edge those parties here and to thank them publicly for their support.
First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge the Leslie Center for
the Humanities at Dartmouth College for funding Sovereignty, Security,
and the State of Exception, the humanities institute that made this collection
possible. In particular, we would like to thank Jonathan Crewe, the director
of the center who approved the institute; Adrian Randolph, the director
who facilitated it; and Isabel Weatherdon, the administrator who kept the
whole thing on track.
A special thanks goes to the participants of the institute, who helped
develop most of the ideas found in these pages. For their hard work and
even harder thinking, we first acknowledge our colleagues from Dartmouth
College: Amy Allen, Rebecca Biron, Colleen Boggs, Michelle Clarke, Mary
K. Coffey, Jennifer Fluri, Andrew McCann, Klaus Milich, Donald Pease,
and Dale Turner. For their extraordinary generosity and dedication to the
project, we next thank the institute’s external fellows: Kathleen Biddick,
Adam Sitze, Jacqueline Stevens, and Carsten Strathausen. We owe a spe-
cial debt of gratitude to Adam Sitze, who deserves credit as nothing less
than our shadow coeditor. Adam gave us invaluable comments along the
way, cotranslated Esposito’s interview from the Italian, and secured the
talents of Zakiya Hanafi, who translated Carlo Galli’s essay so beautifully.
Unquestionably, the countless conversations we held with Eric Santner, the
institute’s senior fellow, were, like the seminars he led, enormously import-
ant. Their formative influence on us continues to this day. We are grateful,
finally, to the invited speakers and seminar leaders for the institute: Michael
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