The long list of people I wish to thank far outweighs the scope of this book—
ambitious as its transnational reach may be. I only hope that the pages of
this volume are worthy of so much kindness and generosity.
Special thanks must go to the many remarkable people I met through
Homies Unidos in San Salvador and in Los Angeles without whom this book
would and could not have been written. I owe more than I can say to Magda-
leno Rose- Ávila, Alex Sanchez, Silvia Beltrán, José William Huezo Soriano,
Luis Ernesto Romero, Rocio Santacruz, Mirna Solozono, Claudia Hernan-
dez, Edgar Ramirez, and to those Homies who are no longer with us: Marvin
Novoa Escobar, Gato, Sigfredo Rivas, and to so many others for their deep
insights into the underside of neoliberal globalization. Thank you all for the
opportunity to write and to act in solidarity with you in your difficult and
dangerous work to build peace in the streets of Los Angeles and San Salva-
dor. To the Sanchez family—Señor and Señora Sanchez, Delia, Melly, Oscar,
Alvin, Elba, Alex Jr., Marlon, and Melissa—who continue to bear on a daily
and most intimate basis the burden of the neoliberal securityscape discussed
in this book, may your son, husband, brother, and father receive a fair trial
and be vindicated once and for all.
My Salvadoran and “North American” compas, whom I first met in Los
Angeles and with whom I had the pleasure and the pain of working in Los
Angeles and in solidarity with El Salvador during that remarkable period be-
tween the Fenastras bombing and FMLN offensive in 1989 and the Los Ange-
les riots in 1992, include Sonia Baires, Oscar Andrade, Rosanna Perez, Kay
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