The divided ends of peaCe chronology
In the plaza of San Salvador’s main cathedral, a red banner soars in the fore-
ground of a bright blue sky. White doves of peace open their wings to take
flight. It is February 1. The United Nations- brokered Salvadoran Peace Ac-
cords were signed two weeks earlier at the Chapultepec Palace in Mexico
City. Twelve years of civil war between the leftist guerrilla forces of the Sal-
vadoran National Liberation Front (FMLN) and the right- wing Salvadoran
government are now officially over. Inside the cathedral, Archbishop Mon-
señor Oscar Romero’s body lies entombed in a crypt beneath the sanctuary.
On March 24, 1980, shortly after sending a letter to U.S. President Jimmy
Carter begging him to cease military aid to El Salvador, Romero was assas-
sinated. He was shot after giving a sermon imploring Salvadoran soldiers
not to kill their fellow countrymen. Carter, however, did not heed Romero’s
call. During the funeral Mass in front of the cathedral, tens of thousands of
mourners who had gathered in front of the cathedral in San Salvador to pay
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