is an assistant professor in the Department of History, Louisiana
State University. In 2013–14, she was a postdoctoral scholar at Yale University.
Her research focuses on discourses of marriage and family among Urdu-
speaking Muslims in colonial India.
has taught art history, women and gender studies, and Islamic
studies at Suffolk University, Dartmouth College, and Wellesley College. In
2014–15, she was a fellow at the Institute of Sacred Music and Arts at Yale
University. She has published several articles in collections of essays and
international journals, including Marg, Journal of Persianate Studies, and the
Routledge Sufi Series. She is the author of Imperial Women in Mughal India:
The Piety and Patronage of Jahanara Begum (2015).
is a feminist historian who taught at Miranda House, Delhi
University. She is now an in de pendent scholar who lives and works in Delhi.
She has written on ancient India, the nineteenth century, and contemporary
India on vari ous themes. Her lifelong interest in history has inspired her to
undertake filmmaking; her two films— A Quiet Little Entry (2010) and Frag-
ments of a Past (2012)— deal with questions of history and memory.
is professor emerita at the University of Texas at Austin,
where she served as director of the Center for Asian Studies and interim
director of the South Asia Institute. Her interests include gender and per for-
mance, folklore and orality, and early cinema. She is the author of Grounds
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