Introduction At First Sight: Definitions, Clarifications, and Assorted Prolegomen
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ed. (New York: Citadel Pess, ).
The term open secret was coined by D. A. Miller, who uses it to refer to the para
doxical construction of homosexuality in modern cultures as a site of simulta
neous knowing and unknowing; a construction that functions, he suggests, as
central strategyof homophobic discipline. By relegating homosexual desires an
relations to the twilight status of an ‘‘open secret,’’ something known but un
spoken, mainstream culture can ‘‘construct a homosexuality held definitional
in suspense on no less than a question of its own existence’’ while ‘‘produc[ing
in the process homosexual subjects doubtful of the validity and even the realit
of their desire, which may only be, does not necessarily mean, and all the rest’’ (D. A
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The phrase belongs to Mary Ann Doane, who uses it to describe the status o
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