All notes in the text refer to Hortense Spillers, Black, White, and in
Color: Essays on American Literature and Culture (Chicago: Univer-
sity of Chicago Press, 2003). The epigraph to “Appendix: A Note” is
from “Whatcha Gonna Do?: Revisiting ‘Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe:
An American Grammar Book’: A Conversation with Hortense Spil-
lers, Saidiya Hartman, Farah Jasmine Griffin, Shelley Eversley, and
Jennifer L. Morgan,” Women’s Studies Quarterly 35, nos. 1/2 (Spring–
Summer 2007): 299–309.
/ / /
1 unalterable badness “A Hateful Passion, a Lost Love,” 95.
2 immersed in the material “A Hateful Passion, a Lost Love,” 100.
3 new world callaloo, return over and over again Introduc-
tion, 2.
4 attack in its historic signature Preface, xvii.
5 on the prowl for new religions “Formalism Comes to Harlem,”
6 It’s something one makes against the force of his or her
intuition “Formalism Comes to Harlem,” 82.
7 altered human tissue “Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe,” 207.
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