This volume could never have been assembled without the generous
help, support, and suggestions of many different people. Let me trace
through some of the main points along the winding path that has led to
this book's publication: My thanks, first of all, to Samuel R. Delany,
who suggested over lunch one day in 1986 that I take a look at William
Thanks, too, goes to Gibson, who agreed to do
an interview with me. Frederick Barthelme, the editor of
The Missis-
sippi Review,
accepted my Gibson interview for his journal, and then
asked me if I could assemble an entire issue devoted to cyberpunk.
Mega-thanks, next, to all the cyberpunk authors and critics who
generously allowed me to publish their work in the
Mississippi Review
issue that resulted from Barthelme's invitation. In gathering the mate-
rials for that
issue-which was the starting point for this current
Storming the Reality Studio
casebook-I was given advice at every step
of the way by nearly all the members of the cyberpunk movement (who
turned out to be much warmer, funnier, and friendlier than their black
leather-jacketed press clippings might lead one to believe). This was
especially true of Bruce Sterling and John Shirley, both of whom pro-
vided invaluable assistance in suggesting names, works, addresses,
and phone numbers for that volume.
Once I decided to expand the boundaries of the
issue into
something resembling the current volume, Joanne Ferguson of Duke
University Press provided invaluable editorial insights, suggestions,
and encouragement at every stage of the process of this book's formula-
tion. Once again, the cyberpunk authors themselves-as well as the
noncyberpunk authors and critics included in
Storming the Reality
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