Kathy Acker's recent works include Empire of the Senseless and In Memoriam to Identity (both
from Grove). She currently lives in San Francisco and rides a 7.50 Yamaha.
G. Ballard was a leading figure in Britain's New Wave
movement during the 1960s. His major
works include Crash, Empire of the Sun, and The Atrocity Exhibition (recently reissued in a new,
uncut version by Re/Search).
Jean Baudrillard has published many works of critical theory, postmodernism, and cross-cultural
analysis, including Simulations, Forget Foucault, and America.
John Bergin's credits include Brain Dead and Ashes. He is currently working on From Inside, Bone
Saw, Kerosene and Nigger Joe, Jill's Map, and a collection of sketches. He and his wife reside in
Kansas City, Missouri, where he makes loud music with his current band, Trust Obey.
Steve Brown ran away to join the circus as a young man; once he was on the road he began to
consort with numerous
freak-show members, such as teenager John Shirley and, later, William
Gibson. He currently lives in Washington, D.C., where he has a "real job"-which has not
prevented him from publishing and editing Science Fiction Eye magazine.
William Burroughs has recently released album versions of his works, including Uncommon
Quotes and Dead City Radio.
Pat Cadigan's short fiction has been nominated for the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy awards,
and her first novel, Mindplayers (Bantam, 1987) was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award. A col-
lection of her short fiction, Patterns, was published in 1989 (Ursus Imprints), and her next novel,
Synners, will be published by Bantam in 1991. She writes full time with the music turned up loud,
in Kansas, where she lives with her husband, designer/artist Arnie Ferner, and their son.
David Cook teaches political theory at Erindale College, University of Toronto. With Arthur
Kroker, he is the author of The Postmodem Scene: Excremental Culture and Hyper-Aesthetics.
Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr. is coeditor of Science-Fiction Studies. In addition to writing widely
and cyberpunk, he has translated various works by Stanislaw Lem.
Don DeLillo's many novels include The Names, White Noise, and Libra.
Jacques Derrida has recently been teaching critical theory at the University of California-Irvine;
among his major works are Glas and Of Gram mato logy.
Ferret has illustrated the work of many authors, including Misha, Lewis Shiner, K. W. Jeter, and
John Shirley. The author and illustrator of such comic book series as The Phoenix Restaurant, he
is also the author of many works of fiction, including a novel, Alligator Alley (Morrigan Publica-
tions, 1989).
William Gibson's early cyberspace trilogy, Neuromancer, Count Zero, and Mona Lisa Overdrive,
helped launch the cyberpunk movement. His recent collaborative novel, The Difference Engine
(with Bruce Sterling), was released in England by Victor Gollancz and is being published in the
United States by Bantam.
Joan Gordon teaches at Nassau Community College and has written on Gene Wolfe, Joe Halde-
man, and feminist
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