ACIP: Apoyo a las Comunidades Indígenas del Paraguay (a Paraguayan
indigenista NGO)
AIP: Asociación Indigenista del Paraguay (the first Paraguayan indigenista
ALA Committee: Asia and Latin America Committee, European Union
API: Asociación de Parcialidades Indígenas (an indigenous organization of
national scope)
ARP: Asociación Rural del Paraguay (the landowners’ association of Para-
ASCIM: Asociación de Cooperation Indígena-Menonita (an association of
Paraguayan Mennonite indigenistas)
CE: Council of Europe (one of the governing bodies of the European Union)
CITES: Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species
EC: European Commission (one of the governing bodies of the European
EU: European Union
GOP: Global Operative Plan
INDI: Instituto Nacional del Indígena, Paraguay
NPD: National Parks Direction (Dirección de Parques Nacionales y Vida
Silvestre), Paraguay
Prodechaco: Programa de Desarrollo Sustentable del Chaco Paraguayo
SETA: (technical mission of consultants in charge of drafting initial param-
eters for Prodechacho)
SoE: School of Ecology (environmental NGO working in the Yshiro area)
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