agalo: literally, “they eat together”; refers to pairs of people in a relation of
agalio: advice
Anabsero (sing., Anabser): mythical beings whose story is narrated by the
porowo narratives
azle: the temporal dimension of contemporaneity
bahlut or lata: the first individual of a species or kind, usually translated as
“mother” or “father”
debylylta: the male initiation ritual
eiwo: the capacity to make distinctions and to reason
Esnwherta au’oso: literally, “the word of Esnwherta”; a narrative which struc-
tures debylylta
eisheraho: the coming generations, renewal
konsaha: (pl., konsaho): shaman
om: good, fresh; in connection with wozosh it refers to distinction and being
polotak: war leader
Porosht: God
porowo: the temporal dimension accessible to memory
puruhle: the temporal dimension accessible through dreams; the basic source
of being
ukurb’deio: power, potency; a general term applied to various suprahuman
sherwo: chaotic, unpredictable; in connection with wozosh it refers to indis-
weterak (sing., wetete): young initiated males
wozosh: the dynamic or energy which results in being and indistinction
yrmo: connotes both “bush” and “cosmos”
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