All Wari’ words, apart from proper names, are written in italics. The orthog-
raphy used in this book is based on the phonetic transcription system for
Wari’ developed by the New Tribes Missions (ntm), the only difference be-
ing that I use the letter k instead of c to represent the phoneme /k/. The ap-
proximate values of the sounds are as follows.
a like a in cat
e like e in echo
i like ee in seen
o varying between o in cot, or oo in soon
u like u in French fumer
k like c in cat
h like h in hat
j varying between j in just, or y in you
m varying between m in mat, or b in bat, with light prenasalization
n varying between n in not, or d in dot, with light prenasalization
p like p in pot
r like r in Portuguese parado (flap)
t like t in time
w like w in wonder
x varying between ch in chat, or sh in shine
The symbol indicates a glottal stop. Since I find it very difficult to discern
this sound, I have retained the notation only in those words where I am sure
I have been able to identify the sound clearly.
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