This is a list of members (past and present) of the FLN and EZLN, ranked in
approximate order of seniority, when they joined the FLN and/or the EZLN,
and their importance within it.
Comandante Germán
Fernando Yáñez Muñoz (a.k.a. Leo). Founding
member of the FLN in the late 1960s in the aftermath of the Tlatelolco stu-
dent massacre. After the death of his brother, César Germán Yáñez Muñoz
(Pedro), at the hands of the security forces in Chiapas (1974), he took his
brother’s real name (Germán) for his own nom de guerre. He was one of
the original six who established the EZLN foco in Chiapas (November 1983).
He trained Marcos in guerrilla warfare. He is the husband of Lucía, whom
he married during the same ceremony that Marcos married Yolanda/Ana
María (1987). He was captured by security forces in October 1995, but was
later released without charge. He is now an advisory editor of Rebeldía, the
EZLN magazine.
César Germán Yáñez Muñoz, brother of Fernando Yáñez Muñoz.
He was shot dead by security forces in February 1974 while undertaking
guerrilla activities in Chiapas.
Margil Yáñez Muñoz. The oldest brother of César and Fernando.
He did the groundwork for guerrilla activity in Chiapas during the mid-
1970s, distributing medical supplies there in an attempt to win over the
local population. Like his father, whom he was named after, he became a
Comandante Rodrigo
Javier Ramírez (a.k.a. Juan). Brother of Gabriel
Ramírez (Dr. Carlos) and husband of Silvia Fernández (Gabriela, a.k.a.
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