Bench Ansfield
is a doctoral student in American studies at Yale University. His re-
search revolves around the interplay between gentrification, imprisonment, and
feminist and queer antiviolence organizing.
Carole Boyce Davies
is an African diaspora studies scholar who is professor of Af-
ricana studies and English at Cornell University. She is the author of Left of Karl
Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones (2008) and Black Women,
Writing and Identity: Migrations of the Subject (1994) and has edited the following:
Ngambika: Studies of Women in African Literature (1986); Out of the Kumbla: Carib-
bean Women and Literature (1990); and the two- volume Moving beyond Boundaries
(1995): International Dimensions of Black Women’s Writing (vol. 1) and Black Women’s
Diasporas (vol. 2). She is the coeditor with Ali Mazrui and Isidore Okpewho of The
African Diaspora: African Origins and New World Identities (1999) and Decolonizing
the Academy: African Diaspora Studies (2003) and general editor of the three- volume
Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora (2008).
Demetrius L. Eudell
is professor of history at Wesleyan University in Middletown,
Connecticut. He has worked closely and extensively with Sylvia Wynter for the past
two decades, including having published essays on her work.
Denise Ferreira da Silva
authored Toward a Global Idea of Race (2007) and is profes-
sor of ethics at Queen Mary, University of London.
Katherine McKittrick
is associate professor of gender studies at Queen’s University
in Ontario, Canada. She is the author of Demonic Grounds: Black Women and the
Cartographies of Struggle (2006) and the coeditor, with Clyde Woods, of Black Ge-
ographies and the Politics of Place (2007). Her research explores black intellectual
history as it co- relates to geography, science studies, and the arts.
Walter D. Mignolo
is William H. Wannamaker Professor of Literature and Romance
Studies at Duke University. He authored The Idea of Latin America (2005), Local
Histories / Global Designs (2000), and The Darker Side of the Renaissance (2003).
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