Completing this book would not have been possible without the informants’
willingness to share anecdotes and opinions drawn from their experiences.
I am grateful to all the persons who spoke to me as participants, as advi-
sors at various stages of this process, and as interlocutors and critics. Spe-
cial thanks to Julio Dicent Taillespierre, Bruno Aponte, Richard Camarena,
Jimmy Herrera, Luis Nieves-Rosa, Francisco Lazala, Leonardo Sánchez,
E. Antonio de Moya, and Francisco Díaz for their friendship and insights and
for inspiring and challenging me. I am also grateful to Heriberto Sánchez-
Soto at the Hispanic aids Forum, Andrés Duque, and the Latino Commis-
sion on aids for their support.
My dissertation committee in the American Studies Program at New
York University supported this project from the earliest stages. Phillip Brian
Harper and Arlene Dávila set the highest standard with their scholarship
and encouraged me by the care, generosity, and critical eye with which they
engaged with this project at various stages. I am particularly grateful to my
dissertation advisor, George Yúdice, for his incisive readings of this text
and for his unwavering support. I feel privileged to have counted on the
perceptive feedback of dissertation reader Richard Parker, whose pioneer-
ing scholarship I admire. I thank Lisa Duggan for her unswerving support
of my work, for becoming a reader in my committee on short notice, and
for giving me invaluable advice throughout my years at nyu. I thank Alyssa
Burke and Madala Hilaire for helping me navigate the nyu bureaucracy
and for advocating for me when needed.
Patrick McCreery, Kitty Krupat, Lisa Maya Knauer, Sujani Reddy, Marcelo
Montes Penha, Khary Polk, and Laura Harris were colleagues at nyu who
honored me with their friendship, challenged me with their smarts, and
inspired me. I am especially grateful to the members of the Queer Disser-
tators Group, the single most important group providing me with critical
feedback and encouragement throughout the dissertation-writing process:
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