appendix b
Interview Format and Demographics
Most of the interview data in this project derived from the time I spent
with these women between March 2003 and March 2007, which consisted
of the spring breaks in 2003, 2004, 2006, the summers of the same years,
and nearly the entire year from June 2004 to June 2005. I also followed up
with them during a residency in South Carolina in the fi rst three months of
2007, which coincided with Faye Terry’s death. All direct quotes provided
are verbatim.
The women in this project were “formally” interviewed twice—once in
2003 and once in 2007, which meant, at the very least, I digitally or audio
recorded two sets of interviews. I frequently turned on the recorder dur-
ing observations of church services, musical performances, and infor-
mal conversations, but the background noise and the sacred moments
of these spaces often meant that recording had to be discontinued. Insti-
tutional review board standards notwithstanding, it made sense to con-
duct an “entrance” and “exit” interview with the women. In each inter-
view, I asked the women the same questions to note discrepancies over
time, and those framing questions are included here. In almost every case,
I found incongruities to be minimal and discovered that the detail given in
response to the questions posed was greater in the latter interview, presum-
ably because the women felt more comfortable with me the second time.
All ethnographers know that many revelatory moments occur during
formal interviews, but the most revealing aspects of people’s lives gener-
ally emerge between those formal spaces. As such, the details that I doc-
umented in this work do not always coincide with interviews I formally
recorded and transcribed but are best found in my fi eld notes and jottings.
Because of the history of exploitation in these communities, I have not
included any pictures of the women or their surroundings, though I have
some in my possession. The crisis of exploitation and commodifi cation of
these communities also made obtaining signed consent forms and utiliz-
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