E st e b a n Buc h, an Argentine musicologist and writer, teaches music history at the
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He is the editor of Tangos Cul-
tos: Kagle, J. J. Castro, Pastropiero y otros cruces musicales (2012) and the author of The
Bomarzo Affair: Ópera, perversión y dictadura (2003) and O juremos con gloria morir
Historia de una épica de Estado (1994). In French he has published La Neuvième de Beetho-
ven: Une histoire politique (1999; English edition, 2004) and Le cas Schönberg: Naissance
de l’avant- garde musicale (2006).
Osc a r Con de taught at the University of Buenos Aires for twenty- four years and
is now a professor at Argentina’s unipe (Pedagogic University) and UNLa (National
University of Lanús). He is the author of Diccionario etimológico del lunfardo (1998; sec-
ond edition 2004) and, most recently, of Lunfardo: Un estudio sobre el habla popular de
los argentinos (2011). He compiled Estudios sobre tango y lunfardo ofrecidos a José Gobello
(2002), Poéticas del tango (2003), Poéticas del rock vol. 1 (2007), and Poéticas del rock vol. 2
(2008). He is also a published poet (Cáncer de conciencia, 2007; Gramática personal, 2012)
and is a named member of the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo.
A n ton io Góm e z is Assistant Professor of Latin American literature and film at Tu-
lane University. His research interests include the discourse of exile in Latin American
intellectual history, documentary film, and the writing of recent history especially the
present rewriting of the sixties and new cinematic poetics in Latin America. He is the
author of La escritura del espacio ausente (2013).
K u rt Hof e r received a degree from St. Andrews University and is completing a
doctorate degree in Spanish at Tulane University. His research interests include artic-
ulations of the family and the private sphere in early modern Spain and colonial Latin
K at h a r i na K e ppe l received her undergraduate degree from the Freie Universi-
taet in Berlin, Germany, and her master’s degree in Latin American studies at Tulane
University. Her research interests include nineteenth- century travel narratives, the links
between ethnography and literature, and the role of museums in Latin American nation
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