The large- scale, transnational nature of the multiyear project on which this
book is based is not only the result of the labors of its three authors but also
owes much to a number of other individuals’ valued contributions. First we
would like to thank the many audience members and householders who par-
ticipated in this project and the numerous industry representatives who gave
their time and energy to be interviewed for the study.
We also want to express our deep appreciation for the many onsite and
Australia- based research assistants who supported us during this project, in-
cluding John Alexander, Tripta Chandola, Gin Chee Tong, Yajie Chu, Isabelle
de Solier, Jacinthe Flore, Phyllis Yu- ting Huang, Vikrant Kishore, Amber Lim,
Peihua Lu, Wokar Rigumi, Claire Tsai, Min Wang, Zhonghua Wu, and Juliet W.
Zhou. Tania Lewis would like to particularly thank Delhi- based colleague
Kiran Mullenhalli for his humor and enthusiasm, and his terrific fieldwork
and translation skills, and Wokar Rigumi and Tripta Chandola for their critical
feedback on the Indian material in this book. Thanks also to H. J. Padmaraju
and Hirehalli Devraj for helping recruit interviewees in Tovinkere village in
Southern India and P. Nandagopala for recruiting interviewees in Bengaluru
We are also indebted to the generosity and support of a number of academic
colleagues, including Professor John Sinclair, who was a key early collaborator
on this research, Professor Graeme Turner, Professor Koichi Iwabuchi, Profes-
sor Lu Ye, Dr. Kelly Hu, and Dr. Ti Wei.
General thanks also to Dr. Bao Xiaoqun, ceo of Channel Young, smg;
Mr. Han Song, ceo of Bengbu tv; Christine Che, cts Taiwan; Harry Hu,
cts executive vice president, Taiwan; Mimi Wang, former assistant director of
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