The nature of a collective and collaborative undertaking such as ours
involves much more than compiling and editing individual writings to form a
volume. We began through a collective process and have sustained that com-
mitment and collaboration throughout. When we think about the work we
have accomplished, we envision not only the product but the human connec-
tion among us, the cariño, respeto, and commitment to each other. At the same
time, as Latinas, feminists, and academics, we know and want to recognize the
importance of individual contributions to our work as a group.
Producing Telling to Live: Latina Feminist Testimonios has involved an elabo-
rate collaboration and division of labor among eighteen women of diverse
Latina backgrounds, across seven states in the Northeast, Midwest, South-
west, and Western regions of the country. We acknowledge and appreciate the
painstaking work of the following group members in envisioning and produc-
ing this book: Iris López planted the seed of our collaboration. Patricia Za-
vella and Rina Benmayor served as general editors as we approached publica-
tion, including compiling final versions of the manuscript and rewriting the
collectively drafted Introduction. Liza Fiol-Matta, Mirtha Quintanales, Celia
Alvarez, Caridad Souza, and Gloria Cuádraz participated significantly in revis-
ing the Introduction. Daisy Cocco de Filippis, Clara Lomas, and Luz del Alba
Acevedo provided tertulia inspirations and important theoretical perspec-
tives. Aurora Levins-Morales helped envision the creative structure of the
book. Introductions to the four sections were authored by Caridad Souza
(Genealogies of Empowerment), Inés Hernández-Avila (Alchemies of Era-
sure), Yvette Flores-Ortiz (The Body Re/Members), and Eliana Rivero (Pas-
sions, Desires, and Celebrations). Rina Benmayor and Norma Cantú under-
took Spanish copyediting. Clara Lomas, Caridad Souza, and Rina Benmayor
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