1. The complete list of cities in which protests took place is New York, Washington,
Provincetown, San Diego, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Sioux Falls, Seattle, Chi-
cago, Tulsa, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Vancouver, Dublin, Mexico City, Bogotá, Milan,
Warsaw, Amsterdam, The Hague, London, Stockholm, Marseille, Moscow, Brussels,
Vienna, and Gloucester; Ireland, ‘‘Global Protests.’’ Duncan Osborne reports that
approximately fifty people gathered on July 19 outside of Iran’s Mission to the
United Nations in New York, and another fifty people attended a panel discussion on
‘‘gays in Iran’’ at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in
New York, an event sponsored by iglhrc. The Commission was originally the spon-
sor of the vigil at Iran’s Mission to the UN, but pulled out five days before the event,
opting for the panel discussion instead; Duncan Osborne, ‘‘Mashad Hangings Anni-
versary.’’ Also, in ‘‘Washington, Rob Anderson led a protest at Dupont Circle. In San
Francisco, Michael Petrelis assembled speakers at Harvey Milk Plaza. In Province-
town, Andrew Sulliven led a quiet vigil outside Town Hall. In Toronto, Arsham Parsi,
Human Rights Secretary of the Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization (pglo), spoke
at a commemorative gathering. In Iran, pglo members lit candles privately.’’ Rosen-
dall, ‘‘No Excuses for Iran.’’
2. A more extensive list of endorsements includes Andy Humm and Ann Northrop of
Gay usa cable tv news, Walter Armstrong of POZ magazine, Sandy Rapp (a lesbian
feminist singer-writer), Rosario Dawson, Doric Wilson, Martin Duberman, Church
Ladies for Choice, Allen Rosko√ (presdent of Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club),
the Stonewall Democratic Club, the Metropolitan Community Church of New York,
Darren Rosenblum (associate professor at Pace Law School), Larry Kramer, John
Berendt (author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil), Lawrence D. Mass
(cofounder of Gay Men’s Health Crisis), Arnie Kantrowitz (professor emeritus at the
College of Staten Island, CUNY), Sean Strub (founder of POZ magazine), Kenneth
Sherill (professor at Hunter College, CUNY), the International Lesbian and Gay
Association, the Center for Culture and Leisure, Tupilak (the association of lesbian
and gay cultural workers in the Nordic area), the Nordic Homo Council, Nordic
Rainbow Humanists, the website, the Austrian gay group Homosex-
uelle Initiative Wien, Independent Gay News of Fort Lauderdale, Seattle Gay News, the
Campaign for Peace and Democracy, the Italian organization arcigay, the Irish
organization BeLonG to Youth, the Mexican magazine Enkidu, and the Columbian
organization Colombia Diversa; Ireland, ‘‘Global Protests,’’ The
maha quotation
comes from a statement released by the editors; see
maha, ‘‘A Message from Iran.’’
3. Ireland, ‘‘Global Protests.’’
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