My appreciation and thanks go to Waded Cruzado, past provost and in-
terim president of New Mexico State University (nmsu); Pam Jansma,
former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; and Jim Maupin, head
of the Criminal Justice Department, for their support for this project. I
also recognize Craig B. Schroer, the Benson Latin American Collection’s
Electronic Information Services librarian at the University of Texas,
Austin, and Molly Molloy, Latin American and Border Studies librarian
at New Mexico State University, for their research expertise.
Numerous people helped bring this anthology to fruition. Sonia
Flynn helped translate and edit the testimonios; my colleagues and friends
Victor Muñoz, Dana Greene, Andrea Trimarco, Cristina Morales, and
Dulcinea Lara accompanied me to countless protests. To Sally Meisen-
helder, mi comadre en la lucha: thanks for your loyalty and fierce commit-
ment to fighting for women through Amigos de las Mujeres de Juárez.
To Je√ Shepherd, thank you for reading sections of this manuscript,
participating in advocacy work at the border, and accompanying me
through this journey; you are my rock. To my family, your patience,
prayers, and endurance are invaluable to me. And finally, to the families
of the murdered and disappeared women and girls of Ciudad Juárez and
Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico, and their advocates, muchas gra-
cias for your tremendous bravery in the search for justice. Your example
and histories will remain with me, always. No nos olvidaremos de ustedes, ni
de ellas. We honor your courageous e√orts through this collection.
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