Partway through the introduction to this collection, it will
become clear why it was significant that I read Greg’s final draft
while I was cramped on the floor of a late train during a long
and crowded commute. I write these words from a new home,
having embarked on an experiment to disrupt some old habits
and hopefully allow more time to register ‘‘the stretching.’’
By sheer coincidence, during the final stages of this project
both Greg and I moved house on opposite sides of the world in
the very same week. This is just one of the sweet synergies and
sympathies we have shared over the years that I hope will
continue long after this publication. It is Greg’s venerable alac-
rity as a reader that makes me so delighted that a book now
stands as an archive of the hope and sustenance I have gained
from a defining intellectual friendship. Greg’s brilliant mind,
graceful words, and contagious hospitality have made this a far
greater achievement than I could have imagined.
Our contributors have been more than generous in o√ering
words, a≈rmation, and patience during the long gestation of
this collection. We thank them for believing in us and persist-
ing through the many stages—and hope they enjoy the result.
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