i l l u s t r at i o n s
1. American-owned rural properties expropriated between January 1, 1927, and
October 6, 1940, by state, 2
2. Baja California Norte and Sonora, highlighting the Mexicali and Yaqui
Valleys, 12
1. Elderman’s cartoon showing a Mexican hand pulling on Uncle Sam’s beard, 4
2. Cartoon depicting Mexico, stuck between popular mobilization for land and
the international complications that stem from expropriation, 10
3. President Pascual Ortiz Rubio and former president Plutarco Elías Calles, 20
4. Richardson Construction Co. billboard in Mazatleca, Sinaloa, advertising ir-
rigated land for sale in Sonora’s Yaqui Valley, 26
5. American settlers in the Yaqui Valley, 27
6. Marshall Neilan, crlc‘s Harry Chandler, and Garza Leal, 31
7. Mexican fieldhand picking cotton, 52
8. Poor housing conditions for Mexicali field workers, 54
9. Women from colonist families in the Mexicali Valley, 55
10. Well-dressed Mexicali Valley colonists, 71
11. Ejidal school in the Mexicali Valley built by Cárdenas’s administration, 93
12. Sonoran governor Román Yocupicio (1937–39), 108
13. ctm leader Vicente Lombardo Toledano addressing a rally, 125
14. Cárdenas meets a Mexican peasant, 127
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