28 Advertisement for home medicine book El médico en casa
37 Advertisements announcing over- the- counter medicines for
42 Healer’s advertisement announcing his services in a large- circulation
60 Gallery with chaise lounges and large windows at a tuberculosis
66 Waiting room at a neighborhood dispensary
66 Neighborhood dispensary visitors at work in the homes of the poor
67 Children receiving food supplies at a neighborhood dispensary
74 Panoramic view of the Sanatorio Santa María in the Córdoba
74 Clinical histories of sanatorium inpatients
76 Sanatorium inpatients doing light manual work
112 Tuberculars lobbying for easy access to the Pueyo vaccine
112 Tuberculars campaigning from a bus
113 A street demonstration by tuberculars
113 Tuberculars negotiating with the police on Plaza Congreso
136 Sign indicating that spitting on the floor is prohibited
136 Antituberculosis poster in Yiddish and Spanish
137 A street poster by the city of Buenos Aires emphasizing tuberculosis
137 A street poster by the city of Buenos Aires aiming at building
individual immunities
138 A laboratory advertisement encouraging the reader to visit a doctor
and get an x- ray
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