joost de bloois is Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam, Depart-
ment of Literary Studies and Cultural Analysis, and a member of the Amsterdam
School for Cultural Analysis. His publications include “The Last Instance: Decon-
struction as General Economy” (2010) and “A Postscript to Transgression: The
Gothic in Georges Bataille’s Dissident Avant- Gardism” (2007).
jodi a. byrd is Associate Professor of En glish and American Indian Studies at the
University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign. She has written numerous articles on
Indigenous studies. Her other research interests include indigenous and postcolo-
nial literatures, cultural studies, film, and theory. She is the author of The Transit of
Empire: Indigenous Critique of Colonialism (2011).
gustavo esteva is the founder of the Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Well known as an advocate of postdevelopment theory, his many publications
include Grassroots Post-Modernism: Remaking the Soil of Cultures (1998, with Madhu
Suri Prakash), and The Oaxaca Commune and Mexico’s Autonomous Movements
silvia federici is Professor Emerita of Social Science at Hofstra University. She
is also the cofounder of the Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa. Her books
include Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation (2004)
and Revolution at Point Zero: House work, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle
wilson kaiser is Assistant Professor of En glish at Edward Waters College. His
publications include “The Micro- politics of Fascism in Carson McCullers’s The
Heart Is a Lonely Hunter and Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here,” Genre 48, no. 1,
and “David Foster Wallace and the Ethical Challenge of Posthumanism,” Mosaic 47,
no. 3. He is currently working on a monograph titled American Literature and the
Politics of Everyday Life.
mara kaufman is a postdoctoral Lecturing Fellow in the Thompson Writing
Program at Duke University. She holds a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from Duke
frans- willem korsten holds joint appointments in literary studies at the
University of Leiden and culture and communication at the Erasmus University,
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