A book of this kind depends for its realization on the efforts and contributions
of many people.Walter Mignolo and Orin Starn enthusiasticallyencouraged us
to develop our project when it was still in its initial stages.With her professional
experience and patience, Valerie Millholland, our editor at Duke University
Press, accompanied us throughout the long editorial process.
There are many whose assistance enhanced our work. Four anonymous re-
viewers inspired us with their strong endorsement, insightful criticisms, and
useful suggestions. Stephen Hiltner and Ryan Long carefully edited our intro-
ductions. John Kraniauskas’s sharp editorial eye detected needed revisions.
Mark Healey applied his knowledge and bilingual acumen to polish the final
version of the manuscript.
Jon Beasley Murray, Desirée Martin, and Ruth Hill provided us with apt
translations of often difficult pieces. With his extraordinary talent, William
Rowe made Perlongher’s and Juan L. Ortiz’s poetry shine in a foreign language.
Our deep gratitude goes to Patricia Owen Steiner, the author of most of the
new English translations included in the reader. No words suffice to acknowl-
edge her dedication, hard work, and perseverance to achieve the best results,
covering a very wide range of styles and historical periods.
For their generous permissions, we thank the many publishers, authors,
and artists who acceded to our requests, including David Viñas, Beatriz Sarlo,
César Aira, Vicente Palermo, Marcos Novaro, Tulio Halperín Donghi, David
Rock, Marcela Nari, Jorge Palacio, Frank Graziano, Osvaldo Bayer, the Funda-
ción Martínez Estrada, the Xul Solar Museum, Juan Carlos Distéfano, María
Teresa Gramuglio, Nicolás Rosa, Carlos Alonso, Lily Berni, Daniel Divin-
ski, Matilde Sánchez, Hebe de Bonafini, Graciela Speranza, Fernando Citta-
dini, Catherine Soriano, Johannes Wilbert, Javier Auyero, Rodolfo Rabanal,
Horacio González, Juan Carlos Romero, María Moreno, Laura Ginsberg, En-
carnación Ezcurra, Susana Lange, and Nora Kildal.
Two grants, one from Fundación Antorchas, from Argentina, and the
other from the Duke University/University of North Carolina Center of Latin
American and Caribbean Studies, eased the cumulative expenses of transla-
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