included in this volume were presented at a con-
ference entitled "The Atlantic Slave Trade: Who Gained and
Who Lost?" held under the auspices of the Frederick Douglass
Institute for African and African-American Studies of the Uni-
versity of Rochester in October 1988. The conference was held
with the financial support of the Ford Foundation, through the
Institute, and of the University of Rochester and its departments
of economics and history. In addition to the presenters of the
papers, some of whom also performed other roles, the atten-
dees included: Stefano Fenoaltea; Philip D. Curtin, David Eltis,
Stanley L. Engerman, and Henry A. Gemery (who served as dis-
cussants); and Tiffany R. Patterson and Robert L. Paquette (who
chaired sessions). In preparing papers for publication in Social
Science History as well as for this volume, we again benefited from
the support of the Douglass Institute, particularly Charlette W.
Henry, Anne S. Falvo, and Karen E. Fields, director, and of the
department of economics. We also wish to thank Anne Keyl for
her efforts in seeing the manuscript into book form.
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