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One hundred eighty parts of the mural were supposed to be set in a steel con-
struction, making up a wall four meters high and twenty meters long. In the
fall of 1987,the firm Saint-Gobain Vitrage (Ateliers du vitrail et de la
5Avenue P. Gaudin, F-83690 Salernes) looked in vain for sponsors at the exhi-
bition of ideas in Paris's La Valette Park.
4 Results of a nationwide representative poll taken between 15and 21 Novem-
ber 1984from one thousand individuals; published and analyzed in the Nouvel
Observateur, 7 December 1984, 36-39. These results are confirmed by the rep-
resentative polls of the
institute, which were published in Le Mondeof
4 January 1989 and in the NouvelObservateur of 5-II January, 34-36.
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(London: NLB, 1976), 351-444. See also Lawrence D. Kritzman, "The Myth of
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6 Reported in Le MondeII284 (12May 1981):9.
7 See the texts and reports in Humanite 13562(28March 1988):1-17. During the
rally, corresponding leaflets were given out. The political pamphlet by Ariel
Kyrou and Andre-Jean Gattolin, ReprenonslaBastille:Manifestedesnouveauxsans-
culottes (Paris: Balland, 1988),argues similarly.
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10 Although he falls behind Flammermont, Journeein parts, Godechot, Takingis
considered the standard work as far as historical events are concerned. How-
ever, it completely misses the symbolic tradition. Mistler., Juillet, a popular.,
well-illustrated book, has wrongly been neglected. Cottret, Bastillepays atten-
tion to symbolism but often investigates it only superficially and at second
hand. Chaussinand-Nogaret, Bastilleremains mostly a history of events. Quetel,
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