This collection emerged originally out of some of the proceedings of a one-day
conference, “Seventy Years of The Black Jacobins” at the Institute of Historical
Research in London in February 2008, or ga nized by the London Socialist His-
torians Group. Our first thanks go to all those who attended, particularly our
speakers, who made that conference such a successful event, with par tic u lar
thanks to Rachel Cohen, Keith Flett, and David Renton. Over the intervening
years as this collection has come together, we have accumulated many debts of
gratitude for vari ous forms of assistance and help with finding rare material, and
we thank Talat Ahmed, Henrice Altink, Gaverne Bennett, Weyman Bennett,
David Berry, Ian Birchall, Paul Blackledge, Jennifer Brittan, Sebastian Budgen,
Paul Buhle, Margaret Busby, Graham Campbell, Pierre Cours-Saliès, Alissan-
dra Cummins, Allison Edwards, Merryn Everitt, Alan Forrest, Camille George,
David Goodway, Juan Grigera, Catherine Hall, Donna Hall-Comissiong, Julie
Herrada, Richard Hart, Paget Henry, Darcus Howe, David Howell, Leslie James,
Phoebe Jones, Aaron Kamugisha, Nina Lopez, Michael Löwy, F. Bart Miller,
Olukoya Ogen, Gregory Pierrot, Matthieu Renault, Giorgio Riva, Penelope
Rosemont, Frank Rosengarten, Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall, Marika Sher-
wood, Patrick Silberstein, Andrew Smith, Matthew J. Smith, Joseph Tennyson,
Maurice Valère, Daniel Whittall and Yutaka Yoshida. Very special thanks also
to Selma James. We thank the archivists and librarians of vari ous institutions,
including the Alma Jordan Library, University of the West Indies, Saint Augus-
tine, Trinidad and Tobago; the British Library, London; the George Padmore
Institute, London; the National Archives, London; the Quinton O’Connor
Library, Oilfield Workers’ Trade Union, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago;
the University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor; and Wayne State University
Archives of Labor and Urban Afairs in Detroit, Michigan.
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